Apr 6, 2022

The Importance of a Medical Assistant Certification

Medical assisting is a fast-paced career in the field of healthcare. In fact, the employment of medical assistants is projected to grow around 18% from 2020 to 2030, which is faster than the average for many occupations. This shows that since Certified Medical Assistant credentials have become a standard for the profession, many medical assistants now want to become certified. So, what is a Medical Assistant certification, and why is it important? In this post, we answer these questions in detail.

What is a certified medical assistant?

Certified clinical medical assistants work in clinics, doctors' offices, and other places where people get care. They are in charge of providing support for doctors so that medical facilities run smoothly. If you are a certified medical assistant, you can work in a clinical, clerical, or administrative role, and you might even be asked to do more specialized work.

The importance of a medical assistant certification

There are a lot of advantages for people who get certified as medical assistants. The main benefits include access to better paying jobs, a better chance of getting hired, and a better chance of getting a promotion in the future. So, let’s look at why getting a medical assistant certification is important.

Increased opportunities for employment

This certification is a great thing to put on your resume, and it could be the thing that makes you stand out from other candidates.

More jobs to choose from

According to the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), certified medical assistants are the most versatile allied health professionals. They have access to more job opportunities and are more likely to get hired.

Increase your income

You may not get the job that you want if you don’t have the certification. If you have the medical assistant certification, you will be more valuable to employers, which could lead to a better pay rate.

Stability and better shift times

Medical assistants tend to work in primary care clinics and outpatient hospitals. This means that medical assistant shifts tend to be during the day.

Potential for growth

The medical assistant role is a great entry point to the healthcare field. You will get exposed to a mix of administrative and clinical tasks. This will allow you to get a good grasp of the healthcare industry and help you focus on what you want to do next in your healthcare career.

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