Similar Professions & Alternatives to a Medical Assistant Career

Medical assistants have a lot of career options in the healthcare field. They can specialize in almost any field of medicine, assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in clinics, hospitals, private offices, and other settings.

However, there are promising opportunities for advancement beyond medical assisting. Some medical assistants see the expertise and knowledge they gain as stepping stones to other healthcare careers.

This guide goes over opportunities that medical assistants have, both in their current job and in other fields, including similar professions and alternative jobs.

Similar Professions & Alternatives to a Medical Assistant Career

1. Healthcare Management

Many students who begin their careers as medical assistants go on to earn a bachelor's degree in health administration or management. Graduates of a healthcare management program can advance their careers in insurance, healthcare policy, healthcare finance, and information management, as well as in a variety of clinical settings.

2. Health Information Management

As organizations invest in electronic medical record-keeping, health information careers are rapidly expanding. Because of this, there is a growing need for managers who know about health information systems to make sure that patient data is recorded correctly and safely.

HIM professionals, like medical assistants, must have strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. A bachelor's degree in health information management may provide supplemental technical training necessary to advance roles as a health information technician or clinical data specialist, as well as leadership roles such as HIM Project Manager or HIM Director, for medical assistants with administrative experience.

3. Medical Sciences

If you want to finish your bachelor's degree and move on in your allied health career as a medical assistant, you might want to look into getting a bachelor's degree in health science.

Many unique career paths in health and wellness, fitness and nutrition, health policy, and community healthcare are available in the health sciences. Medical assistants and other health care workers can use their current experience and education to speed up the completion of their bachelor's degrees and become more qualified for the next level of managerial jobs in their fields.

4. Nursing

The demand for healthcare services and the availability of qualified nursing professionals is critical and growing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that registered nurse jobs will grow by up to 7% across the country by 2029.

The nationwide shortage of nurses is opening up new career opportunities for medical assistants and other healthcare professionals. A career in nursing not only gives you more job security and earning potential, but also lets you direct and manage patient care and specialize in pediatrics, ambulatory care, oncology, or other areas to become one of many types of nurses.

Wrapping It Up

The Stepful medical assistant program prepares students for a variety of roles in medical assisting while also providing a clear path for advancement. Medical assistant graduates can apply their credits toward bachelor's degrees in Healthcare Administration, or Health Information Management. If you are looking to become a clinical medical assistant, look no further than Stepful. 

If you're currently a medical assistant, you can also specialize in a specific field. There are many types of specialized medical assistants that have more specific responsibilities to that field.

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